Chart shows rapid growth of revenue

One critical shift in culture. One giant leap in performance.


  • Strategic advice 
  • Driving & Implementing Change
  • Transforming Team & Culture


  • Whilst the extraordinary will and energy of its founder enabled a services based business to grow to reasonable turnover in its industry, the 'glass ceiling of micromanagement' stalled growth and turnover was flat for 6 years.
  • Poor leadership had also led to a resentful, fear-driven culture with little trust or prospect of change.

Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 12.46.53


  • Initiated program to empower and engage staff, resolve cultural challenges and define 'the next era for the business'
  • Facilitated a line in the sand to distinguish between 'the old and the future'
  • Implemented framework to help business 'measure what matters'
  • Stayed with the business and team to drive progress and achieve change


Within 18 months:

  • Revenue exceeded $30m
  • Culture and employees engaged
  • Operational systems improved

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