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Big Vision. Bigger Outcome.


  • Strategic direction 
  • Driving & Implementing Change
  • Transforming Team & Culture
  • Improving governance


  • Founder's bold vision to make a difference in the world is obstructed by poor systems, governance and shareholder dispute.

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  • Improved governance
  • Clarified strategic direction, tactics and how simple approaches to track progress
  • Initiated program to empower and engage staff, resolve cultural challenges and enrol the team in achieving the extraordinary together
  • Implemented framework to help business 'measure what matters'
  • Restructured sales
  • Implemented forward cash planning tools
  • Stayed with the business and team to drive progress and achieve change

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  • More than x10 revenue growth
  • Team reports the "greatest experience of work of their lives
  • Owner able to live overseas with family, and business continues to grow

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