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Running a business is an ever-changing process, and there’s always room to grow, even amongst experienced business consultants.

Discover the latest news, insights, and resources from HD&U. Here you’ll find a growing pool of resources to help guide your growth, empower business transformation, and steer your company towards success.

How to be more agile (and less reactive)

The impact of change around us Gary Hamel, considered the "world's most influential business thinker" by the Wall Street Journal, observed "the world is...


Shifting team stress to performance

Why does stress matter? Most of us realise it’s not visiting a gym that builds bulging biceps, but carefully stressing our muscles. Recognising if we're not...


Uncertain about cash flow?

Managing cash flow in 2023... Unless you've been sitting under a rock, you'll realise financial stress is not only the domain of household mortgage holders as...


Selling or buying a rent roll in 2023?

Selling a rent roll in 2023.... What to consider? Timing works both ways... As we all know, financial institutions are lending less than 12 months ago and...


Achieving a successful business exit or succession

Start it to exit it Savvy business leaders know their business is worth many times more if they are not required to work within it on a day-to-day basis. With...


Starting a strong business

Whichever way you look at it, the central theme in a business start-up is change.Change is also the cornerstone of betterment, progression and growth, but in...


Achieving change that sticks

In business, most of us have been cautioned at some point that, “if you’re not moving forwards you’re actually going backwards.” In essence, this cuts to the...