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TeamLife improves performance, culture & wellbeing


  • Team & culture surveys
  • Facilitating values
  • Embedding OKR & continuous improvement
  • TeamLife software 


  • Previous market leader, struggling to recruit and retain staff
  • High levels of psychosocial risk (notably, work volume, poor work life balance, occasional aggression and harassment by customers)

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  • Unappealing, challenging new industry requirements
  • Fractured relationships and resentment within team, breakdown of trust

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  • Initiated program to reconnect staff to business and enrol them in journey of change
  • Reinvigorated culture and established new framework to enhance the experience of work.
  • Initiated continuous improvement philosophies with short term refresh cycles, to improve agility and seize market share
  • Commenced 'real-time' soft skills training
  • Deployed TeamLife software to help the team track progress, confidence and changes to psychosocial hazards
  • Commenced engaging with staff on week basis to help drive progress, keep the team in track, and ensure that the objectives desired by management were achieved.

Impact/Outcome (6 weeks)

  • Measurably improved culture
  • Measurably reduced stressors
  • Improved operational systems
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