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People, Culture
& Performance

Facilitating High Performance Teams and People

HD&U consultants work directly with SME owners, teams and leaders to align their efforts and continuously measure and improve on their results. Through customised coaching, training, and HR support services, HD&U will help guide you to rejuvenate and accelerate your business.

Focusing on 'people, culture and performance' at every level

People, culture and business success go hand in hand...  and when it comes to growing both of these, managing People, Culture and Performance, and getting everyone on the same page is essential.

At HD&U we'll stand by you, roll up our sleeves, and do whatever it takes to help align your people, roles and capability to your goals. Our business consultants and coaches will work directly with your leaders and teams, on skills, development, resolving HR headaches, and bringing strategic direction, confidence, clarity and peace of mind. 


Customised Human Resource Solutions:

  • Outsourced HR Services
  • HR audits, reviews & resourcing
  • Individual & team assessments
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Training & development
  • Team workshops & retreats
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Rejuvenate your team
to accelerate your business

HD&U’s HR specialist consultants and team coaches are ready to work with you, to improve  connection, and increase productivity, wellbeing and performance. 

Book your next team workshop, retreat or seminar with HD&U to bring your goals and team to life.  


Improving Culture & Engagement

A happy and engaged team is a productive team. But while SMB owners like the idea of creating a positive and engaging work environment that drives productivity, they often lack the skills or knowledge to create one.

With hands-on experience in helping teams collaborate and align their efforts, values, and culture, HD&U can conduct surveys, interviews, workshops, and retreats aimed at identifying challenges and opportunities while maximising employee loyalty and engagement.


Culture & Engagement Services:

  • Team surveys & interviews
  • Culture & engagement workshops
  • Development of team codes and improved ways of working
  • Team alignment systems
  • Organisational work cadence

Leadership, Growth & Development

It takes a unique combination of skills and knowledge and no small amount of self-awareness — to make a great leader.

HD&U is dedicated to nurturing leadership skills by delivering specially tailored programs in which leaders can apply learnings to genuine workplace challenges. Our business coaches support growth and development with hands-on learning and mentorship in a real-world setting.

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Leadership, growth and development services:

  • Development of 'employee journey' maps
  • Tailored leadership programs
  • Emerging leader guidance & mentoring
  • 360 reviews & psychometric profiling
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Targeted Learning & Development

At HD&U, we understand the desire to grow and improve and that fostering a culture of high performance and continuous improvement will drive your business to where you want to go.

Leveraging insights gathered through coaching, monitoring and ongoing consultation, HD&U can create and deliver targeted Learning & Development solutions that close existing knowledge gaps and ensure employees are compliant in the workplace. We, not only provide specific skills training and support, we also aid in strengthening soft skills such as problem solving, self-awareness, communication, and teamwork.



Learning & Development Services:

  • Identify learning and development needs
  • Create and deliver targeted learning and development solutions (including provision of highly agile/responsive micro skills training for individuals and small groups)
  • Provide skills training and support
    (often to address specific project success)
  • Facilitate workshops, retreats, and learning intensives

Coaching & Mentoring

HD&U’s coaching and mentoring solutions aim to improve both individual and collective team performance through the development of thought, awareness and soft skills such as; objective planning, accountability, communication, strategic thinking, and much more. Not only can coaching help staff work better together, it can improve individual performance as well.

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Customised coaching and mentoring 

  • Individual coaching & skills development
  • Team coaching & skills development
  • Leadership development
  • Wellbeing & Performance coaching
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Culture and Team Assessment Tools

Self-awareness is the first step to change, which is why HD&U conducts organisational psychology assessments, and 360-degree reviews.

Collecting a well-rounded series of perspectives gives insight into strengths, challenges, motivators, and communication styles within your teams. This feedback can help identify pathways to growth while improving effectiveness and broadening self-awareness and understanding, both at an individual and team level.


Development and Assessment Services:

  • Team interviews
  • 360 reviews
  • Organisational psychology assessments
    (Facet5, DISC, other)

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